Winter Tree Pruning in Ada County


It’s important to prune your trees during the dormant season—which begins before buds begin to swell in the spring.

In winter, the bare branches of trees provide an easier view of their structure than in summer when leaves are plentiful. This makes it more straightforward to identify dangerous, dead, or overcrowded branches that should be removed for the safety and health of the tree.

-Pruning fruit trees in the winter months is an important part of maintaining a healthy and productive tree. Prune your fruit trees every winter/early spring to ensure that your trees remain healthy and productive for years to come. Winter pruning will also aid in producing stronger limbs that hold fruit earlier; helping frost damaged immature crops ripese quicker with better quality! Wintertime is perfect for this type of preventive work since it minimizes sap flow from each wound made; which ultimately results in less damage to shrubbery.

-Winter pruning can help to prevent the spread of diseases such as Dutch elm disease, oak wilt, and fire blight. By pruning in winter, one can take advantage of the fact that any bacteria, fungi, parasites or insects which transmit these diseases are inactive or dormant during this colder season. Thus, pruning during this time helps reduce the risk of spreading detrimental infections to trees or shrubs.

-Pruning in the winter is less stressful for trees since they are dormant and it does not stimulate new growth until the winter thaw. Your trees and shrubs will look better in the spring. Any branches cut back during the winter will be able to recover quickly in spring with contained, but rejuvenated new growth.

-This practice also gives a tree strength, vigor, and overall health that may have been diminishing due to disease or age.
-Dormant pruning prevents winter dangers. Damaged, dead or dying trees can be hazardous in the winter, particularly if we get large amounts of ice or snow. Dormant pruning can even rejuvenate weaker trees by removing dead or diseased wood.

Upon an assessment, we will know which branches should be removed, when they should be cut back, and what type of cuts are necessary for optimal growth. With BIG FOOT TREE SERVICES expertise, you can ensure that your trees remain healthy and beautiful all year round!

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